Hullabalu is an independent company creating
the next generation of stories for kids!

Hullabalu believes that quality storytelling shapes and inspires generations. We set out to create an entirely new genre of immersive, responsive media tailored for kids born into a digital world. We are inspired by our love for fantastical worlds, the timeless classics we grew up with, and kids around the world everyday. Our story apps feature original characters, illustration, music, and activities where a child's touch makes a magical world of Hullabalu come to life.

The Adventures of Pan is the first-ever interactive story series made for iPad and iPhone. The series tells the story of Pandora "Pan" Beribolt, a young purple panda in the clouds, and her merry band of friends as they go on a quest to find her family and save the world.

Pan’s epic adventures infuse timeless lessons and the core values of leadership into a fantastical and enriching story. Hullabalu characters and stories aim to motivate kids to explore the world around them, guide them toward high-achieving life paths, and inspire kids to learn about themselves along the way.

Hullabalu is a small but mighty team of grown up kids dreaming up bold ways to inspire and delight in our tiny New York City loft. We depend as much on the creativity of our team as we do on the proprietary technology we have developed. Pegasus is Hullabalu’s animation and story engine and Artemis is our art and design tool suite. Together, Pegasus and Artemis are an extension of our team, enabling engineering and art collaboration while allowing us to build each of Pan’s adventures faster than ever so you don’t have to wait too long between stories!

We're excited for you to join us as we expand the Hullabalu world in exciting new directions of interactivity and narrative innovation! To stay in-the-know about all things Hullabalu, email hullo@hullabalu.com.