The Adventures of Pan

The first-ever original story series made exclusively for mobile. It’s a magical and uniquely interactive form of storytelling. Designed for explorers of all ages to encourage strong values and positive character.

Pan Book 1

Book 1

The Fearless Beribolt

Pandora is a fun-loving panda who lives with her tribe in the Beribolt Clouds. One day, Pan discovers a hidden power and learns the truth about her past. All her life, she thought she was an orphan but she discovers her parents are still alive and she’s the only one who can save them...

Pan Book 2

Book 2

Chasing the Keeper

On her journey to save her parents, Pan seeks the wisdom of the bunnies of Karakorum Keep, but runs into trouble with the Keeper-in-Training, the hard-headed Chase Bravestone. Can she pass the Keeper’s Test and win Chase’s trust?

Pan Book 3

Book 3

Key to the Capitol

After leaving the Keep, Chase and Pan travel to the Capitol still unsure of their partnership. One daring rescue later, the duo becomes a trio as Locke, an anxious but talented inventor, joins them on their journey. But when the ninjas come after Pan and Chase - can they depend on their new friend?

Pan Book 4

Book 4

Capitol Rising

Capitol City is bustling with activity as the Royal Gamebrings all of the tribes together. While Locke competes in the Inventor’s Fair, Pan and Chase seek out the cryptic Royal Librarian, who is the only person who can read the secret tome from Karakorum Keep and teach Pan about her newfound powers. But with the ninjas on their tails, can the trio escape Capitol City alive?

Pan Book 5

Book 5

The Shadow Stone

Imprisoned by the King’s Royal Guard, Pan must harness her new power to escape and protect her friends. With the Royal Librarian, she leaves and confronts Din - the evil dragon responsible for parent’s disappearance. Can Pan best an ancient evil, or is she playing right into his hands?

Pan Book 6

Book 6

The Alliance of Tribes

Pan wakes up on a mysterious island while her friends prepare for battle with the enemy. Though her confidence is shaken after letting Din escape, she finds the strength to train with the Han Hopefuls - a long lost tribe of gifted fighters. Will she master her craft in time to help her friends?

Pan Book 7

Book 7

Han Awakening

The Alliance of Tribes marches against Din’s forces with little hope for victory while Pan, Chase and Locke scout ahead, each with their own role to play, in the climactic battle. Will our heroes emerge victorious or succumb to Din’s power?

Pan Book 7

Books 1 - 7

The Complete Collection

When Pandora discovers she’s not the orphan her grandfather told her she was, the fearless but hasty purple panda leaves her tribe to rescue her parents. But her parents aren’t the only ones involved: Pan is exhibiting signs of magic, a magic that trains the eye of evil on her. Will Pan’s power save her parents and the world, or destroy them all?

Build alongside Locke and uncover a plot to seize control of Shadow Springs! Can Locke save the town?!